Frequently Asked Questions

 What can we advertise?
Advertise your products and services related to Personal Development, Technology, Books, Leadership, Consultancy, Blogging, Writing, Publishing, Life Skills, Workplace Management, Coaching, etc.

What will the advertisement look like?
The advertisement will be an image of your product or service, and a link to its website or blog. See sample advertisement on the right bar.

How much do you charge for advertising?
It's US$20 per month for each ad.

How long will the advertisement be online?
All advertisements are listed for one month and you can renew it for as long as necessary.

Is there any contract to be signed?
There is no contract or agreement to be signed. I just operate on old-fashioned mutual trust

How to send the advertisement details?
Please send a square or rectangle image of your product or service and a link to its website or blog to

How do we pay you?
You can send the payment via the PayPal button on this blog. If you don’t have PayPal let us know and we can work out some other payment method.

Any other questions?
Contact me on -

Disclaimer - Success Ladders Advertising reserves the right to refuse advertising for any product or service that it deems inappropriate, or potentially offensive to general readers and viewers. We do not advertise anything that promotes or glamorize Pornography, Hate, Racism, Child abuse, Religious Intolerance, Illegal drugs, Communally Sensitive subjects, etc. We also do not advertise topics that we feel may result in legal action against our website, author, publisher, printer, etc.