Sunday, October 6, 2019

Apple's Top Secret Strategy - 2020 to 2050

Okay, folks. By now you would have seen some 10,000 articles and maybe a million tweets by techies and non-techies on the latest, super-duper iPhone. And for the next one year people will be buying and talking non-stop about this gadget.

But the question of what next is the topmost worry for all Apple fans and business analysts. What is the next big thing in the pipeline? What will Apple do after that, say by 2020 and beyond?  What revolutionary creative product will Apple release next? And so on.
Now as a geek can you guess what Apple will do next? No? Really? But why not?
Well, that's because everyone knows Apple guards its product strategies very carefully and no one other that a secret core team will know what product will be released next.
Hmm, that may be true but let me confidently tell you that in spite of all their secrecy it’s still possible to accurately predict what groovy products will be released by Apple in the next dozens of years using a very simple formula that I discovered after years of backbreaking research. To understand my simple formula just observe that Apple has always has always concentrated and designed its products around some part of our body like,
The Ear: It developed a hearing device called an iPOD for our ears to listen to music.
The Eye: It developed a seeing device called an iPAD for our eyes to see some brilliant photos, videos, etc.
The Mouth: It developed a talking device called an iPhone for our mouth to talk.
And slowly their techies came sliding down our wrist and handcuffed us with an iWatch.
Getting the drift? See, the secret product strategy of Apple is always to target some part of our body and design a smart device for that. After all, their engineers are also humans with an identical body just like you or me, isn't it? Now after having almost exhausted the main parts of our head (eye, ear and mouth) my guess is it will soon attack the remaining parts of our head, body and lifestyle needs to secretly launch unique gadgets like,
An Apple Smart Comb and Hair dryer
An Apple Smart Shaving Set
An Apple Smart Hearing Aid
An Apple Smart Back Scratching Device
An Apple Washing Machine
An Apple Refrigerator
An Apple Vacuum Cleaner
An Apple Smart Pet Dog & Cat
An Apple Smart Mixer/Grinder/Blender
An Apple Smart Cooker
An Apple Smart Oven
An Apple Smart Bicycle, Car, and Motorbike
And soon Apple will secretly diversify the in the exact way that many oldie companies like Panasonic, Philips, Sony, etc., did for their business survival from decades. Didn't those oldie companies also start with a simple groovy electrical gadget years ago and then slowly diversify into hundreds of other gadgets useful for humans? So, what have these oldie companies not done in terms of R&D from decades that Apple will eventually not imitate?
So, to summarize the story,
Whatever has happened will happen again; whatever has been done will be done again. There is nothing new on earth. History merely repeats itself but with better packaging, more noise and more costs, because originality is nothing but judicious imitation and the art of concealing your source. :-) 

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