Monday, September 23, 2019

The World's Smartest Phone

Hey, kids. Everyone knows you are familiar with the features of all smartphones. But have you met the world’s smartest phone? No? Want to know its specs? Here they are.
No Touchscreen
No Contact List
No Internet
No Camera
No Charger
No Volume Buttons
No Batteries
No Apps
No ON/OFF Switch
No Reboot
No Hacking
No Screen Lock
No Heating
No Factory Restore
No Notifications
No Ringtones
No Social Media
No Filthy Images and Videos
No Music
No Video
No 2G/3G/4G
No Wi-Fi
No Upgrades
No Headset
No Games
No Flash Sale
No Passwords
No Phone Lost Horror
No Fingerprint Reader
No Back and Neck Pain
No Posture Disorder
No Wrist Pain
No Bumping into Someone
No Phone Addiction
No Social Isolation
No Texting or Talking while Driving
No Sleep Disorders
No Dry Eyes
No Screen Fatigue
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