Saturday, September 28, 2019

Teach Yourself Business Jargon

Have you ever felt that you have fallen under the toxic spell of modern business jargon? Are you bombarded by an endless stream of corporate mumbo-jumbo?

Are you going bald scratching your head trying to understand complex reports filled with meaningless words like synergy, value-add, leverage, paradigm, core competency, catalyst, vision, mission, information-centric, people oriented, horizontal and vertical solutions, and other gobbledygook? Are you tolerating and encouraging fools by mistaking their pretentious rubbish talk for intelligence? If you say yes, just learn these sentences and you will also become an expert in business jargon to join the hot air crowd.
Touch Base Offline – Means let’s meet and talk.
Blue Sky Thinking – Give ideas without any constraints.
Think Outside the Box – Means think creatively.
It’s on my Radar – Means I am aware of this.
Become a Change Agent – Lead whatever change without grumbling.
Get on All Fours – Look at something in full details.
Take it to Next Level – Make it better.
Low Hanging Fruit – Something that doesn’t require much effort.
Not enough Bandwidth – Too busy to do more work.
Helicopter View – Have a broad view of some issue or project.
Boil the Ocean – Do the impossible.
Idea Shower – Meet and share ideas for something.
Peel the Onion – Examine in detail.
We will Park that – We will not discuss now.
This idea won’t scale – I hate this idea.
Pick your brain – Ask a few questions.
Let’s Circle Back Later – Let’s see later.
Reach out – Talk to him or her.
Though Leader – Knows how to think.
Connect the Dots – Link them.

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